America's Wars and Foreign Policy: Are you a hawk or a dove?

Should we have intervened in Iraq and the Middle East? Almost 60 years ago, in The Quiet American, Graham Greene stated his take on American foreign policy. What have we learned since then?

In this NPR article, Author Pico Iyer shares about how he continues to read Greene's novel. Iyer writes, "Innocence and idealism can claim as many lives as the opposite, fearful cynicism."

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How do we frame a conversation around topics such as these?  

This Sunday, September 7, 2014, our regular guest speaker, Dr. Scott Paeth, Assoc. Prof. of Religious Studies, DePaul University, will expand on this topic, God Save Us From the Innocent and the Good.  He will examine the role of moral idealism in public life.  To what degree are ethical ideas necessary to progress in the political sphere?  To what degree are they a hindrance? Using the insights of 20th century theologian and ethicist Reinhold Niebuhr, Dr. Paeth will consider both the strengths and the limitations of ethical idealism in politics, and the importance of Niebuhr's insight that "our capacity for good makes democracy possible, while our capacity for evil makes it necessary."

Join us this Sunday in room 101 at the Winnetka Community House.