Parent Panel Discussion

Save the Date!

Sunday, October 4, 3:00-4:30 p.m. & Tuesday, October 6, 9:30-11:00 a.m.

at Winnetka Community House, Room 101

"What do I say when my child asks about God?"

Have you ever wondered: 

  • If I raise my kids without any or a particular religion, are they missing out on values and traditions that their peers may be exposed to? 
  • How do I make sure my kids have a basic level of religious literacy without imposing one rigid set of beliefs on them?
  • How I do answer questions about God as fairly and informatively as possible keeping my child's delicate psychology in mind? 

Join us to hear from a panel of religious and psychology experts along with North Shore parents raising kids in secular, agnostic, or interfaith homes to address this topic.  

Panelist includes: 

Rabbi Ari Moffic (Director, Interfaith Family Network), Edwina Cowell (Founder, Spiritual Playdate), Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy (Communications Strategist), Dr. Sally Hoit (Clinical Psychologist). 

Moderated by Dr. Scott Paeth (Associate Professor of Religious Studies, DePaul University)

Admission is free. This event is open to public. Childcare is available on Sunday.  

Hosted by Lake Shore Unitarian Society. Co-Sponsored by Spiritual Playdate and DePaul University Department of Religious Studies.