Our Sunday Services

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“If you’re the least bit intellectually curious, you get to listen to people at the top of their field for 20 to 30 minutes, plus professional-level music and a snack. What’s not to like?” —Tony Hurtig, architect

“The people of LSUS are incredibly smart. They want speakers who are dynamic and don’t preach to them. Q&A is the most fun part, as they ask such interesting questions.” —Steve Asma, philosophy professor, LSUS speaker

The ritual aspects bring comforting feelings and memories from childhood. Then instead of a sermon, there’s a guest speaker who helps us get at the big questions. Every time I leave, I feel inspired to live my values in the week ahead.” —Dani Petrie, yoga studio owner

“I get a great deal of peace and serenity when I go [to services]. It’s an hour to lose myself in some contemplative thinking that I don’t get to do during the week.” —Nancy Prial, investment fund manager 

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Our Sunday Services

Our one-hour Sunday services blend rejuvenating rituals with intellectual inspiration. We begin with wonderful music by our concert pianist, Elif Allenfort, Opening Words by the lay leader, a hymn, and our group recitation of our Covenant:

“Love is the spirit of this church, and service is its law. This is our great covenant: To dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.”

After Chalice Lighting and sharing of our Joys & Concerns, children leave the service and attend age-appropriate RE classes.

For the second part of the service, we host speakers —experts in fields such as ethics, theology, philosophy, science, art, and current affairs — who inspire us, each in their own way, to live an examined life.

We end with more music, then catch up over refreshments — leaving renewed for the week ahead.

Twice a year, music takes an even greater role.  Every December we host a Holiday Music Program and in May we hold a Celebration of Music event. 

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