Past Speakers

Past Speakers 

Our Programming Committee members search for inspiring speakers to produce a thought-provoking set of programs each year. Illustrative of these is the following list of some of the distinguished speakers and their topics who visited us during the past few years.  

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Ms. Jennifer Weigel (Local Broadcast Journalist and Writer)

"Conversations with Weigel:  Exploring Spiritual Enlightenment

Dr. Tracy Pintchman (Director, International Studies Program, Loyola University)

"Women's Rituals in the Hindu Tradition"

Shane Larson, Ph.D (Professor CIERA, NU Department of Astronomy)

"Black Holes and Stellar Graveyards:  Seeing the Cosmos in Gravitational Waves"Dr

Dr. David Zarefsky (Emeritus Professor, Department of Communications, Northwestern University)

"Campaign Rhetoric 2016"

Dr. Scott Paeth (Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Depaul University)

"Religion and Public Life in India"

Ms. Alexis Lauricella (Ph.D., Lecturer and Research Associate, Dept. of Communications, Northwestern University)

"Impact of Media Technology on Children and Adolescents"

Dr. Ivan Ciric (Emeritus Professor of Neurosurgery at NU's Feinberg School of Medicine)

"Listen to the Patient: Of Life and Neurosurgery"

Katherine Ozment (Journalist)

"Secular Spirituality: The Path to Grace Without God"

Carl Jerome (Founding Teacher, North Shore Meditation and Dharma Center)


Jim Kenny (Executive Director, Common Ground) 

"Buddhism and Interdepdence"

Karen Jacobson and Lauren Bondy (Co-Founders of Parenting Perspectives)

"How to Raise Strong, Respectful and Kind Children"

Dr. Jay Ellison (Dean of Students, University of Chicago) 

"Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces: Discussing Questions of Freedom of Speech on Campus"

Judy Beck (Retired Lake Michigan Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) 

"Lake Michigan: Our Globally Significant Resource "

Dr. Neal Grossman (Associate Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, University of Illinois, Chicago) 

"Near Death Experiences:  Latest Findings"

Dr. Doug Stuart (Expert in Intercultural Training and Global Leadership Development 

"The Intersection of Intercultural Competence and Ethics"

Mr. Max Lerman (Music Therapist, North Shore University Health and Hospice Care) 

"Music Therapy: Multifaceted Approaches to Hospice and Palliative Care"

Mr. John Leeker  (Archivist, Meadville Lombard Theological School) 

"Unitarian universalist Archivist Sheds Light on UU History"

Jay Ellison (Ph.D., Dean of Students, University of Chicago) 

"Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces: Discussing Questions of Freedom of Speech on Campus "