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Classical Music in 30 Minutes: Stylistic Differences between Four Periods in Music History

Guest Speaker: Elif Allenfort, pianist

While you may have heard the terms “Baroque”, “Classical”, “Romantic” and “Modern” when referring to a piece of music, you might have difficulty describing the defining characteristics of each.  You may have a favorite piece of music, or a favorite composer, but do you know what musical period they are from?  Elif’s lecture-recital combines live demonstration, lecture and discussion to illustrate hallmark composers and pieces of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th century periods of music.  This talk will help you to listen for the “clues” in a piece that can point you to the time in which it was composed, how that era influenced its music, and how those times still speak to us today.

Elif Allenfort is a native of Turkey. She demonstrated her musical talent and began her lifelong study of piano at the age of 7. Her precocious talent earned her admission to the Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory in Ankara, Turkey, where she studied until she was 19 years old. After she has graduated with top honors in Ankara, Elif continued her education in Brussels, Belgium at the Royal Conservatory and Queen Elisabeth Musical College. She first visited America in 1996. Upon her decision to remain in America, she was admitted to Roosevelt University Chicago Musical College in 1997 where she completed her Masters and Artist Diploma degrees with honors. She has performed and taught extensively since that time.  After teaching over 15 years in various established music schools in the Chicago area, she decided to live her dream of having her own piano studio. She established the "Elif Allenfort Piano Studio" in the fall of 2013 which continues to be a success both artistically and professionally. She is also a sought-after concert pianist and a chamber musician and regularly performs in the Chicago area.  Elif has been delighting LSUS with her musical talents since 1997.