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How Curiosity Replaced Revelation

Guest Speaker: Mr. Jeff Wagg, Curator, College of Curiosity

Throughout most of human history, civilization has held that there was a universal truth, passed down to us in the form of revelation.  These "truths" often came with a contract: don't ask questions, or an ultimate power will be very unhappy with you.  Where are we if we brave the gods and ask those questions?  What can we learn?  And how should we act?

A curator’s job is to collect and present what the rest of us will find unusual, interesting, and delightful.  It takes insatiable curiosity and a taste for the offbeat.  Jeff Wagg has these qualities.  From a young age, according to his father, Jeff was “… off in his own world.”  While other youngsters lost themselves in sports, Jeff lost himself in nature, history, science, computers, zoos, museums, geography, metallurgy, history, botany, and more.  Jeff’s thirst for knowledge stayed with him through obtaining an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and halfway through a masters degree.  He has spent his life traveling and living different lives. He has held jobs as varied as driving a school bus to running a non-profit dedicated to critical thinking.  As curator of the College of Curiosity, his goal is to bring more wonder and thoughtfulness into the world.  He has been featured on Canadian television, in the Chicago Sun Times, and at various conferences around the country.  His writing has appeared in Skeptical Inquirer, Daily Kos, Lifehacker, Atlas Obscura, James Randi's Swift, and various blogs and podcasts around the Internet.

Later Event: February 7
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