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Music Therapy: Multifaceted Approaches to Hospice and Palliative Care

Guest Speaker: 

Mr. Max Lerman, Music Therapist, North Shore University Health and Hospice Care

Mr. Max Lerman, Music Therapist at North Shore University Health and Hospice Care, will speak on the topic, Music Therapy: Multifaceted Approaches to Hospice and Palliative Care.  Music connects us to our inner being, mind, body, and soul in ways that medicine can never do.  It opens up bridges to our past, present, and future, and helps facilitate self-expression, love, and promote rehabilitative avenues for physical injuries.  In addition, music therapy during the end of life process can provide comfort, security, and solace to families and their loved ones during times of immense vulnerability.  Music can help address anxiety, pain, emotional distress, and other dilemmas that occur in hospice and palliative care in ways that other modalities or pharmacological approaches are unable to do.  The music that each person enjoys is reflective of his or her own unique personality.  As a result, music therapists are able to cater specific music therapy interventions that foster a safe and secure environment to help them cope with their illness.  Examples of such music therapy interventions include movement and music, legacy projects, songwriting, and lyric analysis.  In this presentation, our speaker hopes to provide us with a glimpse into the world of music therapy and share how transformative this profession can be for patients and their loved ones.


Max Lerman graduated from the University of Iowa in May of 2009 with a degree in Music Therapy and Jazz Studies.  He completed his six-month internship/clinical training approved by the AMTA (American Music Therapy Association) in music therapy at the Lieberman Center for Health and Rehabilitation in Skokie, and then received his board certification in Music Therapy (MT-BC) in April of 2010.  He entered the music therapy profession because he felt the need to combine his musical aptitude with the desire to help those who are ill.