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Children and Faith in Multidimensional Families

Discussing Faith with Children in Modern Families with Multiple Generations, Faiths, Cultures and Marital Statuses

Panelists: Dr. Scott Paeth, Associate Prof., Religious Studies, DePaul University & Ms. Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy, Communications Strategist

As more parents and families identify themselves as unaffiliated, secular, interfaith, spiritual or non-orthodox, their children may be facing some challenges in identifying themselves with their parents, grandparents or community.  How do we discuss faith with children in our multidimensional modern families?  Lake Shore takes on this topic and more at its upcoming parent panel presentation.  The discussion will cover children’s curiosity with religious identity, multigenerational differences and appropriate ways to answer their questions based on their delicate psychology.  Dr. Scott Paeth, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at DePaul University, and Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy, Policy Communication Strategist, will explore these challenges for modern families and answer questions. The panelists will also provide insight on discussing acceptance of religious differences within a family and on providing accessible options for religious exploration without biased imposition.

Dr. Scott Paeth is a theologian, musician, published author and a regular speaker at LSUS services.  Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy is a lifelong and practicing Christian, who is married to a Jewish man, and they practice both religions in their house.