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What Form Will Immigration Reform Take with a New President and Congress?

Guest Speaker: 

Julie Strauss, PH.D., Lecturer on American Politics

Immigration reform has been a key political issue for the past several elections, yet little has actually changed. In 2014, the Senate passed a comprehensive reform bill, but it failed to pass the House of Representatives.  We now have an incoming President who ran against liberalized immigration and who supports deporting undocumented immigrants - positions which galvanized many of his supporters, according to exit polls.  This development has dramatically shifted the contours of the debate.  Dr. Strauss will explore the political and policy repercussions of this multi-faceted issue.

Julie Strauss is a popular lecturer in American Politics, covering diverse course and lecture offerings including Money in Congress, Presidential Misconduct, The Media in Politics, The Women on the Supreme Court, Separation of Church and State and The Balance of Power between the Legislative and Executive Branches.  In addition to lecturing at local colleges and community centers, Julie has presented at several Road Scholar seminars. She received her Ph.D. in American Politics from Northwestern University.