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Seeking Center: The Wisdom in Cheyenne Cosmology toward Becoming One with the Universe

Guest Speaker: Herman Bender, Independent Researcher and Archeoastronomer.

Mr. Herman Bender will speak on the topic, Seeking Center: Cheyenne Cosmology - Becoming One with the Universe.  In this talk, Mr. Bender will delve into the ideal of Center.  The first time Mr. Ralph Redfox, a traditional Cheyenne elder and grandson of the last Massaum priest came to visit Mr. Bender, he announced that he had come "seeking center."  Center is considered to be profound, within, without, multiple and universal.  Center can be recognized as having both a physical component at a sanctified place and as a personal ideal to be sought, i.e. “the truth within” (Goodman 1992:31).  A physical, geometric center was established at the Starman site which, along with the cross-diagonal solstice alignments, was meant to quarter time and space.

Herman Bender is an independent researcher, writer and editor with a background in geology (professional emphasis) and an amateur astronomer with decades of experience.  He is nationally and internationally published in the fields of archeoastronomy, prehistoric trail research, petroform research, applied geophysics, cultural landscape studies and Northern archaic shamanistic traditions. As a specialist in Plains and Woodland Indian astronomy traditions and related cosmologies, Mr. Bender has worked with a number of Native American tribes including the Northern Cheyenne, Lakota, Ojibway, Potowatomi and Ho-Chunk.  Much of this work is related to Native American land claims, repatriation issues and establishing cultural identities.