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Mike Meiners, Master of Architecture, IIT, CEO Hackstudio, Evanston

Going Together: The Power of Groups in the Pursuit of Individual Goals

Mike Meiners, CEO of Hackstudio, will speak on the topic, Going Together: The Power of Groups in the Pursuit of Individual Goals.  He will illustrate how pursuits that challenge our courage, authenticity, grit and respect are doomed by our brain structure to fail in the long term.  He will share research from bestselling authors Brené Brown and Simon Sinek, as well as stories from his experience helping kids, teens and adults “get their dreams done” and will share practices that LSUS can employ to help its members stay in the fight as they pursue their individual goals - all while drawing everyone a little closer together.

Hackstudio helps kids learn to succeed by being who they are. At Hackstudio, kids benefit from and contribute to a culture of support that encourages everyone to show up as themselves. In freeing them to pursue their deep passions and interests, Mike Meiners and his team set the stage for kids to develop identity through struggle and build their own knowledge, skills and relationships in order to reach their goals. Mike has a Master of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He previously operated Meiners Design, where he designed company identities, earned patents and won a national furniture design competition.