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Criminal Justice: Punitive or Preventative

Guest Speaker:

Ned Schwartz, Cook County Parole Officer and LSUS Member

Ned Schwartz, Cook County Parole Officer and LSUS member, will speak on the topic, Criminal Justice: Punitive or Preventative?  Our society devotes tremendous resources to criminal justice.  One would expect major benefits.  Are the expenditures producing good results?  There are unrealistic expectations, and confusion, about what our society actually wants.  It is difficult to produce efficient and effective systems when the goal of preventing crime gets mixed up with retribution and punishment.  Behavioral science demonstrates that positive reinforcement is vastly superior to penalties. Unsurprisingly, the threat of arrest and prison seems ineffective in deterring crime and recidivism.

Ned Schwartz received a B.A. in Psychology, with minors in Art and Political Science, in 1983 from the University of Michigan.  He then accepted a 3-year internship at the University of Chicago’s Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School, a residential school for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders.  Subsequently, he followed his passion for art, and opened Beret International, a gallery which showcased contemporary art from 1990-2000.   In 1993, 10 years after sitting for the civil service exams, Ned was unexpectedly offered a position in a new Work Release Center, where he has now served for 23 years, currently as a Parole Officer.  Ned lives in Wilmette with his wife Michelle and their children.