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Impact of Media Technology on Children and Adolescents

Guest Speaker:

Alexis Lauricella, Ph.D., Lecturer and Research Associate, Department of Communications, Northwestern University 

Dr. Alexis Lauricella, Lecturer and Research Associate in Communications at Northwestern University, will speak on The Impact of Media Technology on Children and Adolescents.  As a daughter of a teacher, Dr. Lauricella has always been passionate about how children learn from the various experiences in their lives: school, parents, community, and media.  Now a mother of three girls, she feels she is living her research on the effects of media on young children.  She will address some typical concerns, but also the amazing ways in which media, and especially new media, can actually support parents, families, and children.  She will talk about different ways to use today's media, and highlight evidence that certain media can positively affect learning, prosocial behavior, moral development, and acceptance of differences.  She will also explore the impact of parents' own media choices.

Dr. Lauricella earned her B.A. in Business Marketing and Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, her Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University, and her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from that same university.  She has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, reports and book chapters, has received multiple research grants, and has earned many awards and honors.  She is a current member of the National Communication Association, the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Society of Research.