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The Status of Health Insurance for Millions of Americans under the Trump Administration

Guest Speaker:

Craig Krugman, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Health Sciences DePaul University 

Dr. Craig Klugman, Professor of Health Sciences at DePaul University, will speak on the topic, The Status of Health Insurance Coverage for Millions of Americans under the Trump Administration.  With the support of Congress, the Trump Administration has said that the Affordable Care Act will be repealed and replaced, while promising health care for everyone.  Several plans have been floated but no bills have been introduced.  Hospitals, insurers, physicians, and the public remain uncertain and are unable to plan for the future.  Insurance plans will not change until 2018, at which point a repeal of the ACA could leave 20 million people with no insurance options and another 12 million without Medicaid coverage.  This talk will explore the plans and the possibilities for the future of health insurance and access to care.

Dr. Klugman studies ethics of health policy, public health ethics, and end of life issues.  He is the editor of Ethical Issues in Rural Health and the forthcoming MacMillan Handbook of Philosophy on Medical Ethics.  Having written over 260 publications, he is blog editor for where he writes on issues of health policy, medical technology, and professionalism.  He produced the films Advance Directives and A Cure for Dying.  Dr. Klugman earned his doctorate in Medical Humanities from the University of Texas Medical Branch, master’s degrees in Medical Anthropology and Bioethics from Case Western Reserve University, and his bachelor’s in Human Biology from Stanford University.