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Guest Speaker:

Carl Jerome, Founding Teacher, North Shore Meditation and Dharma Center, Common Ground Speaker  will speak on the topic, Mindfulness.  The term mindfulness is used so broadly, popularly and globally that it has become little more than a synonym for wellness.  In this talk, we'll explore in depth the classic meaning of mindfulness and learn how to apply it as a meta-cognitive voice to become peaceful, happy, and healthy.  Mindfulness isn't just "being in the moment," or savoring a raisin more fully.  Mindfulness is enlightenment, and it requires constant self-regulation.  This self-regulation can only be accomplished with an internal voice that reflects on how one is processing the constant bombardment of sensory information.

Mr. Jerome has practiced meditation for much of his adult life, and Buddhism for the past 20 years.  His practice began at the Hartford Street Zen Center in San Francisco under beat poet and Zen Master Zenshin Philip Whalen Roshi.  Ten years ago he moved to St. Louis and became a student of Master Ji Ru, abbot of the Mid-America Buddhist Association, from whom he received lay teaching endorsement in 2006.  In addition to teaching at the Dharma Center, Mr. Jerome currently teaches meditation at the Recreation Center of Highland Park and at the Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook.  He is a regular speaker at Common Ground.  He also leads classes and retreats in a local county jail and at a maximum-security prison in Missouri.