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Listen to the Patient: Of Life and Neurosurgery

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Ivan Ciric, M.D., Professor emeritus of Neurosurgery at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine, will speak on the topic, Listen to the Patient: Of Life and Neurosurgery.  Dr. Ciric will share with us his experiences as a neurosurgeon, from the early years of his career when he did not have sophisticated imaging, such as the CT and MRI, or advanced tools, such as the operating microscope and the Gamma Knife, that we benefit from today. In his talk, as in his book, he will emphasize the importance of listening to patients’ stories, not only as a  means of deriving at a correct diagnosis, but also to offer undivided attention and empathy to patients at the moment of their greatest need for spiritual comfort and solace.

Dr. Ciric was born in Vienna, Austria, and grew up in a small wine producing community in the Danube Valley, Yugoslavia. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Belgrade and Doctor of Medicine from the University of Cologne, Germany. Upon joining the staff of Evanston Hospital and the Northwestern University faculty in 1967, Dr. Ciric introduced microsurgical techniques in the treatment of various neurosurgical disorders. Over the years, he has developed special interest in the microsurgery of pituitary tumors, acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, cerebral gliomas and of various spinal disorders. Dr. Ciric has published countless articles throughout his career. In his retirement, he enjoys traveling with his wife Anne.

In addition to Dr. Ciric our program will include two special musical guests - Agnieszka (violin) and Patrycja Likos (cello)will accompany LSUS Musical Director Elif Allenfort.