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Lake Michigan: Our Globally Significant Resource

Guest Speaker: Judy Beck, Retired Lake Michigan Manager in the Great Lakes National Program Office, United States Environmental Protection Agency.  

Ms. Judy Beck, former Lake Michigan Manager in the Great Lakes National Program Office, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will speak on the topic, Lake Michigan: Our Globally Significant Resource.  In order to have a sustainable Lake Michigan, a watershed of literate and engaged stewards is necessary.  Since 1987 when the US and Canada signed the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, stakeholder involvement in the governance of the Great Lakes has been underway.  Different approaches and funding scenarios have changed over the years and have provided a history of experiences and lessons learned.  Also changing over the years are the Great Lakes themselves- their climate, their water levels, and species mix of natives to invasives.  Research has continued to change our knowledge base and provide new tools.  Now is the time to combine the stewardship legacy with current knowledge and tools to continue restoration and protection of Lake Michigan.

In her tenure with the EPA from 1995-2014, Ms. Beck managed the multi-agency implementation and stakeholder involvement in the Lake Michigan basin of the US/Canadian Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.  She has also been active and held office in the League of Women Voters at the local, state and national levels.  She combines 32 years of federal experience with 32 years of locally elected and appointed public village positions and has significant non-governmental experience for a unique view on successful stakeholder involvement.