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Interpersonal Conflict: What 30 Years of Research has Taught us about Managing It

Guest Speaker: Liz Garvey, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and LSUS Member. 

Liz Garvey, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, will speak on the topic, Interpersonal Conflict: What 30 Years of Research Has Taught Us About Managing It.  Count to 10 before speaking?  Revel in the catharsis of unbridled self-expression?  Be a bigger person/don’t sweat the small stuff, and avoid conflict altogether?  Thanks to psychological and neurological research, conventional wisdom on how to handle conflict – and the role it plays in our lives - has been both confirmed and discredited.  Learn why you should be grateful for interpersonal conflict…and how to handle it productively!

After careers as a singer, realtor, and homemaker/volunteer, Liz earned her AMFT - Masters in Counseling with a concentration in marriage and family therapy from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.  For the last few years she has worked as a couples counselor at Couples Counseling Associates in Chicago, and this year served as a staff member for the second annual couples retreat weekend sponsored by Victories.  Additional experience includes designing and leading career counseling groups, as well as co-facilitating a grief support group.  Liz prides herself on continued professional development, and has completed Level 3 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy as well as the Immersion Course in AEDP (a method of healing attachment trauma).