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Service at Curt's Cafe' in Evanston, Susan Trieschmann, Owner, Curt's Cafe, Curt's Cafe' and Restorative Justice

Join LSUS and Curt’s Café Founder Susan Trieschmann for a breakfast social gathering and to learn about her experience with Restorative Justice. The event starts at 10:30.  Ms. Trieschmann was once the owner of a large food service company but after going to college at the age of 48 and finding herself in a restorative justice class at DePaul, her life changed - for the better.  She was fortunate enough to participate in circles of conversation in the Cook County jail for youth, in circles with victims and offenders at Evanston Police Department, and circles of conflict in her community.  She has practiced the philosophy of restorative justice for over 10 years and has never walked away from a circle that hasn't changed her way of thinking or her way of respecting others and their life choices.  She will share the basic philosophy of restorative justice and how it brought her to opening Curt’s Cafe five years ago.  We will be meeting at Curt’s Café – 2922 Central Street in Evanston.  RE class will take place at the Café.