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Don Sandel, Director of Talent Development, Astellas, Northbrook

Linking Happiness to a Successful and Productive Life

Don Sandel, Director of Talent Development at Astellas in Northbrook, will speak on the topic, Linking Happiness to a Successful and Productive Life.  With the recent advances in neuroscience, we have seen compelling research around the old paradigm that it is success first and then happiness later and how this has been turned on its head. (Happiness actually precedes success!) In fact, the brain literally changes when we are happy, optimistic, and positive versus neutral or negative.  By retraining the brain and developing new positive mental models, we can improve our mindset, our resiliency, how we respond to negative challenges, and inspire our own performance--no matter the venue or focus area.

Don Sandel has a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University.  Since graduation, he has amassed a number of highly specialized certificates in Human Performance Improvement, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and, most recently, Applied Positive Psychology.  Don’s expertise is in the field of positive psychology, specifically how a positive mindset enables higher performance.  He is a sought after speaker on the topic, often presenting at local, national and international conferences, and has been published nationally. He has built programs for United Airlines, Allscripts and Astellas Pharma Inc.