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Kristin Lems, Doctorate in Education, Prof. of ESL/Bilingual Education, National Louis University

Jane Addams: Chicago's Original Hands-On Activist

Kirstin Lems, Professor of ESL/Bilingual Education at National Louis University, will speak on the topic, Jane Addams: Chicago’s Original Hands-On Activist.  Jane Addams came from privilege, daughter of a state Senator from Cedarville, Illinois, who was a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln.  Jane set her sights on a life of activism and moved to Chicago, where she founded America's first settlement house, Hull House, and set in motion many of the institutions and public policies we take for granted today.  See Nobel Laureate Jane Addams through the eyes of Kristin's family, who had a multigenerational relationship with Jane Addams and Hull House. This talk will tie in Jane Addams' work as a pioneer American settlement activist/reformer and social worker, leader in women's suffrage and world peace to the second UU living tradition.

Kristin Lems is a full professor at National Louis University, where she recently completed a sabbatical to study Jane Addams and Hull House and write a musical about her family's relationship to both.  She is a two time Fulbright Scholar, where she studied in Algeria and Mongolia, and has authored or edited a number of books in the fields of reading and English as a Second Language.  She also performs around the area as a composing songwriter and has eight albums of original songs, often related to social justice and equality. Kristen has her Doctorate in Education.