Social Justice

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Social Justice

The Second Principle of Unitarian Universalist congregations is justice, equity and compassion in human relations. This principle points us to the larger community and collective responsibility. With this principle in mind, LSUS has an Outreach and Social Justice Committee (OSJ). Our mission is to volunteer, educate and advocate on a variety of social justice subjects.

Some of our recent activities include:

March on Springfield for Marriage Equality

LSUS OSJ sent a delegate to Springfield, IL, to participate in the historical march.

Fourth of July parades with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Several LSUS members participated in two different Fourth of July parades around the area to support the action against gun violence.

Annual DCFS Holiday Gift Drive

Each year LSUS community members “adopt” children in foster care as the focus of the holiday gift drive. Children’s names, ages, and personal wish lists are provided to community members, and much-appreciated gifts are delivered to these kids in need. 

Sack Meal Prep and Collection of Items for the Homeless

Once a month, LSUS partners with the Community Church of Wilmette to prepare sack meals for the homeless to be delivered by the Night Ministry bus in Chicago. At every Sunday service, we also collect donations of items needed by the Night Ministry patrons (personal hygiene products, school supplies, winter accessories, etc).

Musical Outreach

The LSUS Choral Group not only performs at the congregation’s two all-music programs and for several Sunday services each year, but also takes its show on the road, lifting spirits at retirement homes, a day program for Alzheimer’s patients, memorial services, and other events.

Supporting Animal Rescue Centers

An initiative led by the children’s religious education program involved educating members about animal rescue and finding creative ways to support a local shelter. Congregation members donated pet supplies and spent an afternoon visiting and learning about the shelter.

CROP Hunger Walk

LSUS has participated in the CROP Hunger Walk in Wilmette and Evanston, raising money to stop hunger, one step at a time.