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What people are saying about LSUS



"I’m Jewish, and my husband was raised Catholic. When our oldest child was 5, we realized we wanted to find some sort of religious education. We like the structure [LSUS provides] for imparting values and ethics, and the formality of having a place to talk regularly about the big questions of life. —Nancy Prial, Wilmette investment fund manager


 “LSUS is a pretty eclectic group – there are politically progressive members and some with conservative leanings. Underneath it all is an intellectual and spiritual curiosity.” —Tony Hurtig, Evanston architect


 “The candles, music, and moments of introspection and reflection are really nice. Then in the second half of the service, everyone learns something connected to spirituality. It’s the full package.” —Steve Asma, Columbia University professor of philosophy and frequent LSUS speaker


 “People in this congregation have a curiosity about them. And you couldn’t ask for a more welcoming group. Community is such a powerful thing, and this community is very tight-knit.” —Molly Taylor, LSUS Religious Education teacher


 “If I have kids someday, I would absolutely want them to be part of a congregation like this. It will help them figure out who they are.” —Gill Hurtig, Evanston Township High School student


 "My husband and I wanted religious education for our kids….and along the way we found a community for ourselves.” —Dani Petrie, yoga studio owner